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Diary of a Self Builder Part 1

In between Lets, Sales, Children and Dogs, I’ve squeezed this little baby in!

If you don’t know already me and my husband have been building this 5000 sq ft (all singing all dancing) house in leafy Highgate.   Hence the blood, sweat (hubby) and tears (moi).   We did  a ‘Grand Design’ and sacked everyone, including the architect as they were all treating it as their own personal ego trip, except our Quantity Surveyor, Mark, who comes down every month from  Salford,  my old town.  Coincidence by the way.

So I’m now at the stage of choosing (in no particular order):

And Just For Fun.

I’m more than happy to share my experiences of being a Self Builder, and I’d love to hear from you, we can share the frustrations, achievements and as we’re still building any advice.

Until next time…